Ess sabre dac vs wolfson

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Ess sabre dac vs wolfson

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Search Advanced search…. New posts. Search forums. Log in. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Differences in DAC's - is it that noticable? Hide sidebar Show sidebar. Thread starter metalmancpa Start date Feb 8, I am looking at new receivers.

I have ADS 4-ohm speakers, thus power is an issue. Since music is my 1, I was just wondering which part of my decision is more important.If this is your first visit to our community, please familiarize yourself with the all content in this sidebar - as it will make your stay more pleasant. You are also encouraged to check the menu at the top of the screen, containing links for further learning, past discussions, and to a number of audio-friendly subreddits.

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Ess sabre dac vs wolfson

Additionally, sitewide rules and reddiquette applies. Discussion Wolfson DACs still good? Looking for warm sound self. Many years ago, I had a Samsung S phone which had a Wolfson dac.

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Using that with the Voodoo sound software mod, it had a warm sound that I feel in love with. I was thinking about buying Cambridge audio dacmagic plus for my desk at work for my headphones because it has Wolfson dac.

Would I get that same warm sound out of the Cambridge as I did the Samsung s? Going down the rabbit hole, now.

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I have three pieces of gear that employ three different dacs that I'm using currently. Two Rotel CD players that use two different Wolfson dacs. The other uses an ESS Sabre dac chip. Well, to my ears, the Topping D50 sounds warmer, but with good instrumental tone with acoustic instrumentsbut still warmer and less analytical sounding to my ears than the Sabre dac that was in the Peachtree Audio Nova. After hearing the Peachtree Audio Nova years ago, and knowing a Sabre dac was inside, I always equated a Sabre dac with a neutral, analytical, and detailed sound.

ess sabre dac vs wolfson

What I've discovered since, is that I think and this is my opinion, based on my listening that I would almost go as far as to say that the dac chip is less important than the components that are in the piece of equipment that the dac chips are in.

The Rotel CD Player that I currently use, the RCD, which has an "upgraded" Wolfson dac the WM actually sounds a bit "metallic" and sometimes a bit "harsh", compared to the older Rotel cdp, the RCD which doesn't specify in the cdp specs exactly what specific dac was used in this older cdp, only stating that it is a Wolfson.

This older cdp does indeed sound a bit warmer, with a bit more realistic-sounding tone and timbre especially noticeable when listening to a grand piano in a jazz trio context and when hearing the sound of the drummer's cymbal "shimmer". Those complex overtones that you should hear in the sustain of a ride cymbal when it's struck.

The older Rotel cdp player, with the earlier Wolfson dac and the Topping D50 with the ESQ2M Sabre dac chips actually do a better job of rendering these sounds than the newer Rotel cdp does, which has the "upgraded" dac.

Upgraded, according to Rotel, in the sales lit for the newer RCD Or, like with the Topping D How much of the sound quality is due not to the dac chips themselves, but due more to the Sorry, OP.

ess sabre dac vs wolfson

Instead of answering your question, it sounds like I've just muddied the water, but I don't think your question can be answered in the straightforward way that you would hope that it could be. It's not that simple, to me. After reading a review of the Topping D50, where the reviewer praises this dac as detailed and analytical where I would counter that the D50 may sound warmer, if it were compared to another Sabre dac, implemented into another design in another piece of audio gear.

I don't know what to tell you, OP.Audio went digital and now pretty much everything we listen to is stored as a bunch of 0s and 1s. To create audible sound that reaches our ears, we need to convert the digital file back into analog sound waves. This is all acceptable until we start hooking these things up to audiophile speakers or headphones. Imperfections are easily picked up. Check Price on Amazon.

These affordable plain old DACs offer some of the best sound performance for the price. The Schiit Modi 2 was not a great performer in tests. It had lower output, higher noise and jitter and inferior linearity when compared to the Topping D30 below.

However, the sound can be described as meatier. This actually makes it a more enjoyable listening experience when plugged into a stereo amp powering loud speakers.

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The design is equally unremarkable. Sound is very detailed and rather neutral without any significant coloring. Between the Topping D30 and Schiit Modi 3, the consensus seems to be the Modi 3 sounds slightly better, and it does indeed measure better in objective testing. The Topping A30 headphone amplifier is designed to be the perfect partner, but you can pair it with anything.

The FiiO K3 is tiny, much smaller than its pictures would have you believe. For such a cheap DAC and amplifier combo, the K3 has a couple of nice features. First up is the UAC 1. In UAC 1. Switching to UAC 2. Secondly, there is a bass boost which is far superior to that of the E10K and good enough to not just be a simple gimmick.

Overall this is a terrific budget option and definitely worth considering over the Schiit Modi 3 or Topping D30 which would require buying a separate amplifier.Forums New posts Search forums.

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For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. DAC chip signature sound? Thread starter stunta Start date Jan 3, Jan 3, Sabre DACs are supposed to sound "edgy" for instance. I am not highly technical in this area, but it is my understanding that there is a lot more than just the DAC chip in a consumer DAC unit that can affect the output. Given this, are such claims of sonic signatures valid? Forum Donor.

Remember DACs are digital to analogue converters, they should be transparent. Joined Jan 3, Messages Likes Wolfsons generally have a warm, inviting sound. Wombat Major Contributor Apr 25, Wombat said:. Big, enveloping and overpowering It's like the capacitor brand names and physical presentation: Here's a few. Tell me, without testing them, how will these 'sound'? Silmic- uses supposedly silk fibres, but a simple brown sleeve.

Cerafine- uses powdered fine ceramics powder and a beautiful metallic cherry red and gold livery or black and gold in larger values Starget- electric blue and gold IIRC- very pretty, reminiscent of the night sky? Muse- a gorgeous emerald green sleeve and magical properties.

Fine Gold- a lovely metallic gold sheath, black writing and audiophile pretensions. Go back to the s and s.This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register.

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Latest Thread Images. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thread starter econsumer Start date Dec 24, Tags audio-gd-nfb resonessence-labs-invicta audio-gd-nfbdac-amp gryphon-kalliope burson-audio-conductor-slheadphone-amp-and-dac grace-design-m nagra-hd-dac auralic-vega ponomusic-ponoplayer audio-gd-nfb-7 chord-qbdhdsd-dac schiit-audio-yggdrasil bottlehead-dac chord-hugo berkeley-audio-design-alpha-usb.

Prev 1 … Go to page. First Prev 10 of 12 Go to page. Post of Share This Post. Oct 12, Jimster Headphoneus Supremus. Joined Jun 15, Messages 85 Reaction score Joined Jun 15, Posts 85 Likes Jimster said:. There are the ES and ES now also though. But I have to say from hearing both a and a device, they sound basically the same. Oct 13, The make and model of the dac chips used in a dac is largely irrelevant. Different chips enable different design options but a dac chip alone has no sound character as such.

I wouldn't exactly say that. Because things like SNR and THD don't actually talk about audio quality in terms of detail resolution, of which there is no actual global metric for. This makes the most sense since its a company that basically just sells DAC's and a few other chips, unlike TI which has a wealth of products and hasn't had much in the way of new DAC chips in quite some time now.

Joined Sep 22, Messages Reaction score Joined Sep 22, Posts Likes Website www. Except jitter isn't measured either in terms of DAC specs. None of this is shown though in their specs, and this is what I am talking about.

I went on a quest of DACs to see what the ruckus was about and if it was just marketing or measurable in any way. Despite comparable on paper specs they all sound different and reproduce music differently with varying levels of detail. Also part of this is due to the analog stage, but I don't really think detail retrieval has to do much with the analog stage.Icogo at Monday, August 11, Choosing a phone with very good DAC can really make a difference to the audio quality of your headphones and in ear monitors.

The stand-alone is the Topping D, which sounds "warmer" and "smoother" than I was expecting. Whoops, i though Opus used the ESS chip.

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The house sound depends on output implemented. Log in or register to post comments. The 2. Its basic technology is used in DACs costing 0 and others justifiably costingI currently have the Arcam rDAC but today stumbled upon the AudioLab CDQ - witch could let me sell both my pre-amp, cd-player, dac and interconnects and replace it with this little all in one Its a very intriguing thought, but how good is the ESS Sabre compared to the WM??

Besides that the rest all look correct and thank you for posting this very useful information. Round machined aluminum knobs. We'd willingly pay the extra. Both DACs run the exact same DAC but the red has a better amp unit and is capable of driving even full sized headphones.

You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. It will even unfold MQA files. Adding a dedicated DAC, no matter how small, can make all the difference. For example, the ESS chips are produced in great quantity and are therefore less expensive than some others.

Since the quality of the sound produced by any player is largely the product of the analogue electronics, I'm wondering about your assertion concerning the Wolfson vs. It offers such great performance and features so this is easy to understand. I was always big on the Galaxy Notes up until my 7 was damn near ripped from my hands. One of the Conductor Virtuoso's two optional boards had to be the best DAC chip on the market regardless of cost.

Also, you'd better just look at the measured performance of a DAC rather than the chips themselves, unless you're planning on designing your own DAC in which case, good luck. The MSRP is 9. I'm tempted just because the ESS Sabre chip is getting so much praise -- otherwise I don't have a pressing need. I am not highly technical in this area, but it is my Wolfson- probably has a nice bite to it.

DAC-1v2 - Trade in! Click here. It's a long shot, but could anyone compare Nexus 6P audio vs OP3? Now you should have a comprehensive idea of why raspberry pi i2s dac is the way to follow if you want to achieve pretty good sonics performances, while slightly emptying your pockets. S MH-DA, CayinI haven't had either DAC or these headphones long enough or burnt in at the moment to 'really' be able to identify which one is better in the long run, but basically I'm trying to impromptu spending over the weekend, or whether the ESS is significantly better than the that it's worth keeping.

Chat to buy! If you were using the analog input from a DAC outputting 1V, you're in for a big surprise when you switch to a digital source. The new model boasts a more advanced DAC chip, and a new microprocessor draws less current and bumps up the DAC's processing speed. You'll receive email and Feed alerts when new items arrive. It was however more tonally rich than the EE but that was in a rather brightish system. In terms of technical … Exynos devices, as stated above, use a dedicated DAC.

It has a build in inverter for the negative supply and build in opamps. But actually it's the last thing that make the big difference: while the DACs on modern CODEC chips can produce sound of a good quality they aren't capable of driving higher impedance headphones and may but this should be exceptional be very sensitive.

They are used in all top DACS in todays equipment. It is designed to convert digital audio data from your Raspberry Pi to an analogue output that you can connect to an external amplifier or receiver. Yes it costs around a little more, but it does take performance to another level.Please login or register. The other issue being that these chips aren't on many DACs but am confident that they will follow soon. What do you guys think?

I prefer it to the Sabre32 variants. Dac is not just only the chip The IV stage or output portion also makes alot of difference. The difference in sound is big all sound like different Dacs. So final sound still depends a lot on the final implementation.

Quote from: BTW on December 14, Fully agree. My new reference DAC I belong to the ESS Pro camp Ayre QX-5 Stunningly transparent and resolving!! Not a techie but I have a discrete pcm chip dac later upgraded to a r2r ladder and found it much better.

That was implemented in a lampizator dac where I upgraded the chip to amr2r ladder. Found playback performance almost on par with dsd playback.

ess sabre dac vs wolfson

Fully agree each chip manufacturer has a house sound but final result can be quite different depending on power supply design and IV stages etc. So IMHO always listen to final result.

Quote from: Doggie Howser on December 14, Bro BTW, can a dac be designed such that the analogue output stages stayed powered on while the digital section can be powered down for refreshing purpose? I haven't brought it home to compare with your shigaclone yet Many thanks to the mods for continuing to tolerate all my expressive vulgarisms and harassment of fellow forumers That a number of them subscribe to the NOS non over-sampling philosophy may contribute to that sound quality.

Quote from: Audio on December 14, Quote from: lkypeter on December 14, Quote from: Audio on December 15,


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